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I Can Hack Text Messages In 3 Steps

“I can hack text messages in 3 steps!” This was something I heard my youngest son yelling at his sister in the hallway of our house the other afternoon. This was certainly not a whine or taunt I was used to hearing in their normal daily fight, so I started tiptoeing from where I was in the kitchen closer to the hallway so I could eavesdrop on what was going on.

Apparently, he thought she had taken an embarassing picture of him and was texting it to her friends. He has a crush on one of them. She’s not sure who, so she circulates stuff among all of them just to be sure to annoy him.

He wanted to know what she was texting, and she refused, which is when he proclaimed his texting abilities. Was he just repeating an article headline he had seen? Or does he really know? He’s already the tech guru of the house but I don’t know for sure if he knows how to spy on a cell phone.

I usually leave them to work out their difference on their own because they are growing social skills in their tug of war, but if he’s serious about hacking, I may have to intervene. That’s crossing a line.

How To Become A Poker Dealer?

Where do you learn how to become a poker dealer?

There’s a casino not far from where I live, and I think it would be fun to work there. The employees there (like poker dealer) don’t really talk about their salary or benefits, but from what I gather, they make really good money and have great insurance and the like.

I love poker, and I’d love to manage, lead, or watch games right there at the table all the time. Spending all day with fellow poker players and getting a few tips along the way sounds like a lot of fun.

I know the casino is hiring, and the few poker dealers they have right now are working a lot of hours, but I guess they’re having a hard time finding people with poker dealer skills? That’s why I want to know where do you learn how to become a poker dealer?

Does one learn it by chance or is there some training program or school for it? Given how tightly regulated gambling is in some states, I wouldn’t be shocked to learn that there’s a certification of official nature or something. Where do I sign up? Check out domino qq.

A Brief Introduction to the Grand Canyon

There are five million people from all across the globe who visit the Grand Canyon each year. Grand Canyon National Park is more than a tourist destination- it is a national treasure that should be preserved and cherished for many years to come. If you have not had the chance to explore this unique destination, here are helpful information that will help you plan your vacation!

  • Start your journey at the South Rim Grand Canyon. There are several reasons why you should visit the South Rim. For one, the South Rim is open all year round. Unlike the North Rim that closes between the winter months of November through February, you can visit the South Rim at any time of the Its highest elevation is known to be at 7,000 feet above sea level.

Secondly, the South Rim houses a ton of attractions, programs, and activities for all of its guests. For hiking enthusiasts, the ten-mile hike to Havasu Falls is one highlight that you should never miss during your first trip to the Grand Canyon!

  • Know when is the perfect time to visit the canyon. Take note that the Grand Canyon feature extremely hot and cold temperatures at certain times of the year. For instance, the temperature is mostly pleasant at a range between 50 and 80 F or 10 and 20 F at the South Rim. However, during summer months the temperature may increase up to 100F. Be sure to bring sunblock, sunglasses, and wide-brimmed hat for protection.

During wintertime, the North Rim is closed between the months of November and February as the canyons in this region experience high snow fall and frigid temperatures too.

Do not forget to bring extra change of clothes if you wish to stay at one of the campgrounds overnight. If you’re planning to stay at Havasu Falls overnight, you may want to bring swimwear too!

The Top Three SkinmBenefits of Almond Oil

Almond oil has always been a beauty and wellness staple in many parts of the world (like Ven Cleanse). The oil extract from the almond seeds are proven to be beneficial to both heart and skin health.

The reason behind the popularity of almond oil as a skincare ingredient is its high Vitamin E content. It also boasts monounsaturated fatty acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals, all of which work to improve the condition of the heart, hair, and skin.

Here are the three most common skin benefits that you can derive from the regular use and application of almond oil!

  • Flawless, Smooth Skin

Almond oil is mild and hypoallergenic in nature making it the best massage oil even for newborn babies. It is the best after bath moisturizing agent after giving newborns their bath. It is recommended to warm almond oil prior to application to enhance its rate of absorption.

If you don’t like its slightly nutty scent, you may add a bit of lavender essential oil to increase its pleasant effects.

Almond oil contains high concentrations of Vitamin E that protects the skin from the damaging effects of oxidative stress.

  • Deep Cleansing Oil

The light consistency and texture of almond oil makes it the best agent for deep cleansing pores. As almond oil easily penetrates the skin, it has the ability of softening the skin and removing dead skin cells and debris that may have accumulated over time. Its rich Vitamin A content makes the oil the perfect natural solution to prevent sudden acne breakouts.

  • Treatment of Eczema and Psoriasis

To reduce the dryness and itchiness caused by psoriasis and eczema attacks, it is recommended to apply a thin layer of almond oil directly to affected areas. Its hypoallergenic nature delivers instant mild moisturizing effects without irritating the skin.

The Different Moscow Mule Mug Designs

If you are a fan of the Moscow Mule, you should very well know that there is no better way of presenting this cocktail than through copper mugs. The use of quality copper mugs as primary drinking vessel for Moscow Mule can never be underestimated. The sipping experience is known to be more satisfying when Moscow Mule is served in its traditional vessel- the copper mug.

Moscow Mule copper mugs now come in many shapes, designs, and sizes. The top five most stylish copper mugs feature the following qualities:

  • Plain, unmarked copper mug design

If you want a simple and yet effective copper mug that places importance on temperature and taste, consider purchase unmarked, plain copper mugs. These mugs usually come in matte finish. Your Moscow Mule will remain cold and frosty all night long without fear of condensation if you pick unmarked copper mugs as your vessel of choice.

  • Handcrafted hammered copper mug design

If you want a copper mug that features simple, but fundamental styles of copper mug released in the 1940s, then you should opt for copper mugs with hammered design. Quality manufacturers will make use of 100% solid copper in the construction of this type of mug. Unlike other mugs, hammered copper mugs do not have nickel or stainless steel lining. This is the perfect gift item for those who love serving cocktails at home.

  • Embossed copper mug design

A more ornate set of copper mugs is great for those who frequently host events and those that entertain guests into their homes on a regular basis. If you want to invest on quality mugs, with special or custom made design, you may want to sip in style by purchasing pure copper embossed mugs.

To learn more about Moscow Mule drink and the different copper mug designs, go to now!

Ways To Compare Car Insurance Rates In Record Time

When a person contemplates how much time it will take to go through the many different companies that offer auto insurance when they are unhappy with their current provider, they often decide not to simply because of how much time it will take. There are ways of cutting down the amount of time that is necessary to actually find a lower premium (I mean, who doesn’t like a cheaper car insurance?), and it begins with searching on the web. So many businesses use the Internet today to advertiser services and car insurance companies are definitely ones that do. These will be businesses that you have probably seen on television, but more than likely, you will find someone absolutely new.

Ways To Compare Car Insurance Rates Fast

to compare car insurance rates, it actually is a very simple process. They make it very easy for you to accomplish. They provide you with a form that you will submit all of your information with, and this will in turn be provided to many other companies. These businesses are actual underwriters that provide car insurance for thousands of people across the nation, and they offer excellent premiums and rates. You will find one company that will definitely have a lower premium, better coverage, and he deductible that is going to be extremely affordable.

How Long Will The Coverage Take To Put In Place?

It won’t take very long to put the coverage in place, just as it would be with any major company. Once you have decided to choose a policy that they are offering, and you have made the payment, it will be in effect that day, or the following day. This is how easy it is to compare car insurance rates on the web, and quickly find a business that is ready to provide you with exceptional coverage, low deductibles, and premiums that will be much more affordable than your existing car insurance provider.

The Pros of Using Electric Razors

Shaving equipment now comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. This particular grooming tool can be groups under two categories, namely manual and electric. Majority of men start with the use of straight blades and manual razors as primary shaving equipment. But despite the close, clean shave these tools promises manual razors carry a few inconveniences too.

Modern innovations have made the process of shaving smooth, easy, and effective in the past few years. If you need more motivation to quit your use of manual razors for your facial hair, here is a list of advantages when you finally make the decision of switching to electric razor use!

  • Time savings

The main inspiration behind the development of the electric razor is its time-saving component. Back then when straight razors and disposable razors were the only tools available for shaving, men had to allot a great deal of time cutting and shaping their facial hairs. It was undoubtedly perceived as chore to most people. But with the introduction of electric razors, men can now experience a more convenient and effortless shaving experience completed in just a few minutes.

Manual shaving requires men to place cream on their faces to assist in smooth shaving. On the other hand, if you use an electric razor, there is no need to lather cream and all the other rituals connected to manual shaving. You can easily cut your shaving time in half with the use of electric razors.

  • Portable

Portability is one of the major strengths of electric razors. Most of the current models of electric razors feature compact design so you can carry them wherever you go. This is the perfect shaving equipment for people who are constantly on the road and wouldn’t have the time to visit a barber shop to have their facial hairs shaved professionally.

You can get the same professional-looking results with the use of an electric razor. As electric razors are portable, you don’t have to worry about carrying bulky equipment whenever you fly or travel overseas. Most electric razors also feature rechargeable batteries which offer added convenience among those who hate dealing with cords and plugs.

  • Multi Use

An electric razor can be used to shave hairs on other parts of the body too! Latest models feature detachable hair trimmers that make it easy to shape beards and goatee. They are also safe and effective in removing hairs in other parts of the body, including the groin region.

More about electric razors at!

Top 5 True Aphrodisiacs That Really Work

Although many people prefer using the blue pill (Viagra, while some buy spanish fly) to help boost their sexual drive and performance, nutritionists and doctors recommend going for a much healthier choice. Although these pills may help, they are not as effective as natural aphrodisiacs are. Focusing on your body’s well-being by eating highly nutritive foods that promote your sexual health is therefore recommended. Outlined below are 5 of the best aphrodisiacs that can help boost your sexual desire and performance.

1. Oysters: Oysters are among the most efficient and true aphrodisiac that many people use to boost their sexual performance. Oysters contain some of the best and healthiest sources if essential oils, vitamins, and zinc. These compounds play a vital role in improving testosterone production in men, and also balance hormones in women.

2. Pumpkin seeds: Pumpkins are other excellent sources of magnesium and zinc. These two minerals are essentially needed for improved blood flow, production, and also help raise testosterone levels. Instead of tossing the seeds in the dustbin after slicing the pumpkin, consider roasting them for a healthy body, heart, and libido.

3. Cherries: Cherries pack excellent amounts of magnesium, potassium, iron, Vitamins, and melatonin. All these compounds are required for the healthy production of sex hormones, hence a great addition to your meal plans. Having cherries alongside your meals is also recommended for a healthy heart and body.

4. Chocolate: If you have been wondering why girls/women love chocolate, it is because it helps induce a happy feeling. Chocolate contains compounds that help relax brain muscles hence helps one manage stress. Aside from this, chocolate is believed to trigger increased blood flow especially in the sexual regions, thus making one (women)to be easily aroused and good in bed. Treating your woman with some chocolate is, therefore, great for your relationship, and sex drive as well.

5. Avocado: Avocados contain some of the best quality proteins, essential fats, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants needed for your body’s well-being. The best thing about having an avocado in every meal is that the antioxidants, essential oils, and minerals contribute greatly to testosterone levels and production in your body. The next time you go for grocery shopping, consider adding an avocado to your list.

If you have been experiencing reduced sex drive and are wondering what to do next, the answer lies with what you eat. Having a well-balanced diet plan, and increasing intake of the foods outlined above can have an enormous effect on your performance in bed. Try these today for a couple of weeks to see the difference.

17 Ways to Boost Customer Experience in your Healthcare Industry

Customer experience in the healthcare industry will make or break your business. Quality of doctors and nurses is essential, but unless your patient needs complicated surgeries and diagnoses, they’re likely going to trust that the staff is educated and sufficiently suited to see them. This leaves open a big window for how the patient is treated. Are they brush by in the waiting room? Left to sit for an hour after the appointment time? Made to feel like a burden to the system? Or are they welcomed with open arms, a smile and a promise that they’ll be in good hands?

As we know in other industries, the consumer wants a lot. They want to feel valued, cared for, prioritized, in good hands, secure and enjoy the experience. That’s a lot to be mindful of! But you’re already in the healthcare industry because you want to take care of others. Making sure the customer is at ease throughout the entire process is part of the job, and it’s nothing you can’t handle.

Hospital systems, primary care centers and ambulatory care centers are all subject to the results of HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems). HCAHPS currently facilitates adult patient surveys, but is possibly expanding into child patient satisfaction. This is a huge opportunity for healthcare providers everywhere to step up their game and make sure that sure feel so great in your care; they want to boast about it.

While some practices will wait to observe HCAHPS results and scores when they come in, we believe in taking proactive steps toward enhancing customer experience before any feedback rolls in.

Here are some of the top ways to boost customer satisfaction:

  • Patient safety. You might find this hard to believe, but chances of getting injured once entering an American hospital is between 10 and 20 percent. That risk during a four-five hour visit is greater than anything else we do in our lives. It isn’t that staff is so chaotic or ill trained. There are not safety systems but into practice in most places. When new safety systems are introduced, there’s usually insufficient training on the program, rendering the system counterproductive instead of safety enhancing. Take a look at injuries sustained while in the hospital. Hire a consultant to assess the problem, introduce the right protocol and software, and train employees on the new procedures exceedingly well.


  • Integrate tech. Integrating technology into patient care increases efficiency immensely. Adopt tech that is for the patient. Utilizing devices like wearables allow the patient to keep track of their caloric intake, heart rate and blood pressure. Not only can these (and other) numbers make their way seamlessly into your office to track without a patient visit, but it keeps the patient in check with their health. Half, if not more, of the job is getting patients to take care themselves outside of the office and be in charge of their own health. Wearables help stimulate this mentality and practice. Consider also the necessity of coming into the office. How often do patients come in for visits that last moments and could have been solved via photo or info share? If a patient has a blood donation appointment, that’s one thing. But an inspection on a healing wound? Could a photo suffice? Cut down on unnecessary inconveniences for both you and the patient by leaning on technology where it is available.


  • Protect health records. Health records are significantly more jeopardizing if stolen than are financial records. Health records come with social security numbers and if hacked at a young age, can go to criminal use long before the subject party gains any awareness of the theft. Additionally, people are private. They want to know that information regarding their health is privileged, and that it’s not floating around for anyone to see. Go a step further than adopting new security measures. Educate patients on the matter to remind them their records are safe.


  • Help consumers understand data. As the world evolves more toward digitization, much of healthcare will become electronic and accessible by patients. Time saved and monitoring frequencies will considerably enhance patient and doctor experience, but the patient needs to understand the data at hand. Come up with deconstructed, simple ways to present the medical data to patients. Create a tutorial for navigating your patient portal. Make time at appointments to review data with patients so when they leave, they understand where to find results, how to interpret them and what practices to put into action.


  • Deliver on patient schedule. It’s important to be considerate of consumers’ time. Everybody is just as busy as the doctor’s office, and their time should be considered as no less valuable. Consider using appointment scheduling software to limit wait times, overlap and patient frustration. Do you know that when the Mayo Clinic reshaped their scheduling system, they hired engineers who timed the length it took for wheelchairs to exit and enter appointments? Schedule fewer appointments per day if it helps keep the schedule smooth. You will have more returning business if customers are happy. This reward far exceeds the immediate, jam-packed client schedule. Also, be mindful of scheduling next visits and delivering results. If big results are at stake, get them to your patient as soon as they’re available. Bloodworm no longer needs to wait two weeks to see consumers’ eyes. Direct them on how to access their information online.


  • Customer waiting experience. If customers do need to wait, make the experience useful. Providing Wi-Fi is essential in our day, allowing patients to continue with their work as they wait for your work that is running behind. Offer refreshments, and possibly food. Get creative with modes of entertainment that are both sanitary and engaging. Most importantly, make sure to be interacting with your consumers! Patients should never feel forgotten about or like just another body in the room. Even asking a few personal questions, like, “what’s new at your job?” “How is your mother?” can alleviate patient-office tension. Be human!


  • Customer service. If it isn’t clear yet, customer service is big part of the consumer experience. Time spent with doctors is usually far less than with nurses and front of house staff. Whatever your customer needs, get it to them, even if it’s just a confession that you don’t have the answer. If that’s the case, find the answer and report back in the same time frame. If you can’t find the answer by the appointment’s end, promise you’ll follow up and don’t forget to.


  • Educate employees. It’s hard to execute exceptional customer service without exceptional employees. Invest in who your hire. Communication skills should be fluid not just between staff and patients, but also amongst staff. Consumers can pick up on tension behind the front counter- this definitely does not make them feel like they are in good hands. Hire a professional to make sure that the staff is a cohesive group and that they work well together. The energy of your employees will not go unnoticed by patients. Implement educational trainings throughout the year. Teach employees to pick up of non-verbal cues from patients and how to react in all situations. Every employee should be as well-educated, trained and equipped as the best employee on staff.


  • Care. Every aspect of every medical appointment Show that you care. If you make a mistake, own up to it. Treat every patient as if you were in their shoes. Coming into the doctor is as human as it gets. We’ve all got this complex body to take care of and only a select few are experts. If something’s malfunctioning, we need an expert. We’re vulnerable. Remember this with every patient interaction, from calling to remind them about appointments to figuring out how to handle a decline from their insurance. Go the extra mile, every time.


  • Understand your patient. Get to know them on a personal level, but also on a behavioral level. If you offer a niche service, gather data on your clientele. Are they always ten minutes early or typically running late? Is this group coming from Pilates or showing up over lunch hours with dress shoes on? What habits do you patients have that you can accommodate and find ways in which embed throughout their experience with your office? Collecting data over the course of six months to a year can lead to drastic insight.


  • Accept fault. Always accept fault, and never over promise. System oversights and general snags are inevitable in the healthcare industry.  There are so many moving pieces and when things fall out of place, we usually observe a little chaos.  Do what you can to avoid the chaos. Approach problems and complaints with a patient, open mind.  Speak calmly. Let go of defensiveness. Apologize on behalf of your office and source the root of the problem, and find a way to solve it.


  • Aims of organization. Develop a clear mission that stretches even further beyond patient care. For what is it that your company strives? To which philanthropic effort are your hearts tied?  Is there an agenda to cleanse all patients of processed foods and GMOs?  A goal to make sure every client exercises four times a week?  Whatever the message is, embed it in every employee so they can better communicate it with patients.  When it is clear that the medical practice stands for more than scheduling appointments, patients want to be involved.  They want to continue to support an establishment that goes beyond healthcare requirements and pursues a passion that betters the world.


  • Employees with purpose. With help from developing a company mission, employees can live out the nature of your office that, in essence, becomes your brand. If your goal is to live a happy, active life, then employees reflect that lifestyle. They’re on their feet, wearing tennis shoe and exuding healthy energy. Organize company outings that involve walking, sports or maybe running a 5K.  Post pictures from events around the office.  Patients will see that your company lives its mission and feel more inspired to do the same.  It’s not just doctor’s orders; it’s a way of life!


  • Invest in software. There’s nothing that can help your efficiency like software. Take advantage of the many tools that are available.  Determining which best suit your needs takes time and financial commitment, but the investment is worth it.  Whether you need donor management software, chiropractic practice software or medical code and billing software (or online scheduling software), a solution is out there waiting for you.


  • Extended availability. If you really want to impress patient, offer extended availability for appointments.


  • Big Data. Get familiar with big data. All of this technological inclusion is pointless if you don’t learn how to interpret the data it collects. Big data cues you in on clientele insights that you cannot afford to miss. Once you have them, you implement respective action into your strategy and see how the data shifts.  Many programs have big data built in, but you can always hire a professional consultant to help you understand the information.


  • Affordability. Affordability is not something patients overlook. Although we assume you are providing a thoroughly delightful experience in the office, it’s important to remain competitive in rate.  Cut where you can to make sure patients can afford your services.  Don’t miss out on business because you didn’t do your research on other office rates or neglected to cut back on luxuries that had little impact on patient satisfaction.

We hope you take these customer experience tips to heart, your business will be better for it.  For any software needs or questions, contact Appointment Plus.

The Benefits of Using Natural Stone Paving

Natural paving stones adds beauty and elegance to pathways, driveways, patios, and pools. It’s a wise investment in that its durability, strength, and flexibility ensure that you can enjoy its beauty for many years to come.

Stone pavers are undeniably stronger and more durable than poured concrete. Its tough built ensures longer lifespan that traditional paving materials such as asphalt and concrete slabs.

If you looking for quality material for most outdoor space paving applications, look no further as natural stone paving simply has it all. It can withstand weathering through the years and will never crack or damage. Natural stone pavers also require little to no maintenance. The investment purchase and installation may be more expensive when compared alongside other paving materials, but with its other benefits, you are sure to save more money in the long term.

  • Add more value to your property

Natural stone paving adds more appeal and value to your property. This material, when used for driveways or for landscaping purposes, enhances the overall appearance of your home.  Your property will appreciate in value and will be one of the main features if you plan to sell your home.

  • Natural beauty

If you want a unique but natural character to your garden, driveway, or landscaping project, better use natural stone as primary paving material. As stone pavings do not undergo any form of processing, their natural tones and colors shine through. Unlike other materials used for paving such as concrete or clay brick pavings that are manufactured to look identical, stone pavings allows for its natural beauty to shine through.

  • Renewable paving solution

Stone pavings are environmentally-friendly as they do not undergo the manufacturing process which utilizes high amounts of energy and release carbon monoxide that add to the dangers of greenhouse gases. Natural stones are sustainable materials, which means there is no shortage of natural stones. If you want to contribute to the complete rehabilitation of Mother Nature, consider using natural stone pavings for all of your outdoor flooring needs.